Identity Theft Protection

January 3, 2014

What if one day, while surfing online, you find out someone has the exact same name as yours? Perhaps having the same name can just be a coincidence, but what if you find out that apart from having exactly the same name, someone else has the same exact birthday, address, and works at the very same place as yours? But here’s an even worse scenario — what if you find out someone has been using your identity, your personal accounts (yes even credit cards and bank accounts) and doing things you’ve never imagined you would really do? Scary? But guess what, it might happen to you!

Identity theft isn’t new, it’s something that has been around long before the World Wide Web was born. Identity theft is simply the fraudulent acquisition of another person’s personal information, and using the acquired information for one’s own personal gain (usually one’s financial gain). Literally, it means stealing a person’s identity and using that person’s identity to take advantage of that person’s resources.

Just like everything in the world, identity theft is something that’s fast-paced and very innovative. That is why it is extremely important to be attuned and up to date with the latest buzz about identity theft.

To protect your personal information and identity, they say that you shouldn’t trust just anyone online because cyber criminals could be anywhere! For your own safety online, YOU CAN TRUST US — you can trust us to give you the latest news and updates about anything under the sun concerning identity theft and how you can guard yourself against it.