Identity theft of more than 400 medical records

March 3, 2014

We tend to think of identity thieves as professional criminals and may try guard against allowing such strangers access to your personal information but often the theft of your personal information is not perpetrated by the criminal that will carry out the actual identity fraud. It could be the smiling receptionist you hand over your personal information to or an unseen office worker out the back that processes your personal data.

This was the case with a student recently charged with stealing patient information while working in a medical billing job


Reon Jordan is a Los Angeles woman who worked for a medical billing company and now faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing the identities of hundreds of patients according to ABC News reports. She was taking medical billing classes at West Los Angeles College and was arrested and charged with 21 counts of identity theft after a nine-month investigation by the community college bureau.

Reon Jordan previously worked for the ABEO medical billing, where she allegedly obtained identifying information for patients and then used it to pay for classes and school-related expenses. Authorities found more than 400 identity profiles and complete credit card information for 200 people when they arrested Jordan. The investigation has identified 23 victims from locations including Los Angeles, Mammoth Lakes, Tennessee and Mississippi but investigating detectives believe there are other victims as well.

Jordan’s bail was set at $1.2 million, and if convicted, she faces more than 19 years in state prison to be served in county jail.