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76 year old Identity thief sentenced to 7 years jail

March 30, 2014

Medical records are one of the most common types of personal information obtained by identity thieves. It is a sad situation when we can no longer trust our doctors and pharmacies to keep this information safe.76 year old Ronald Kielar worked as a pharmacist on the north side of Chicago and used customers’ identities to […]

Wide ranging identity theft ring targeting state employees

March 20, 2014

An wide ranging identity theft ring comprising four women has been busted and all sentenced to prison terms. The ring targeted retired state employees and was made possible by Roxanne Deflorin who used her position working for the Minnesota state Government where she had access to social security numbers, dates of birth and driver’s license […]

Identity theft of more than 400 medical records

March 3, 2014

We tend to think of identity thieves as professional criminals and may try guard against allowing such strangers access to your personal information but often the theft of your personal information is not perpetrated by the criminal that will carry out the actual identity fraud. It could be the smiling receptionist you hand over your […]